Commencement ceremony of BAT – VINATABA Rooftop Solar Project

Lễ khởi công dự án Điện mặt trời tại nhà máy BAT - VINATABA

The solar power project at BAT – VINATABA factory was started on December 15, 2021 by 365 Energy as the general contractor for construction and installation and Vietnam Solar Power Utility Company (BECIS VN) as the investor.

Total project capacity of 1001.52 KWP which generates annual power output about 1,398,397 kWh/year to supply power to the plant.

Lễ khởi công dự án BAT VINATABA

The conversion efficiency of the system is stable thanks to the use of 1872 JA 535W panels and 8 inverters SMA 110kW to ensure high conversion capacity.

The system design includes calculation of the load to ensure the power output is enough for the needs of the plant. Incorporating zero export technology which prevents excess power generation on the grid (on off days, holidays, …) and ensures not overloading the grid.

Mô phỏng hệ thống dự án
(Simulation image of the project’s solar power system)

This solar power project is invested under the ESCO model to help businesses take advantage of the available roof but still ensure benefits from solar power without having to invest in construction and operation. 

It is expected that the project will be completed and put into use on January 28, 2022, providing electricity for the manufacturing plant, helping to reduce 1461.46 tons of CO2 emissions annually, contributing to environmental protection, and keeping up with the global trend: clean energy – renewable energy.

Khởi công dự án BAT - Vinataba
Khởi công dự án BAT – Vinataba

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