Anouncement: We are rebranding with new logo and brand name

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365 energy is a new brand name of Green Electric Investment Joint Stock Company – One of the pioneers in the field of Solar Energy in Vietnam. The new 365 energy logo was created in order to improve the company’s image and brand reputation, to be more consistent, and to be consistent with the company’s new strategy and orientation in the future

Green Electric Investment Joint Stock Company is one of Vietnam’s leading Solar Solution Providers. After more than 5 years of operation, Green Electric (Vietnamese name is Điện Xanh 365) has completed over 1,200 solar energy projects, earning the trust of many FDI companies as the EPC Solar Energy Contractor.

The new Company’s branding conveys our current direction, with the following meanings:

  • As one of the leading renewable energy EPC contractors in Vietnam, we have always been striving to meet international quality standards for our products and services.
  • As a dependable partner, we provide optimal and specialized solutions tailored to each specific project, resulting in added value to our customers.

The new name and logo 365 energy will go into effect on January 11, 2022.

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Anouncement: We are rebranding with new logo and brand name

365 Energy’s new logo combines the basic design of our old logo with modern, stronger outlines to form a whole that both inherit the core values and demonstrates the evolution.

365 energy will continue to promote Green Electric’s strengths, such as being a partner of the world’s leading energy manufacturers, having experienced staff, and having a safe, fast, and efficient construction process. At the same time, we provide optimal Solar Energy solutions that add value to businesses.

With these strategic changes, 365 energy promises to provide customers with greater trust and a better service experience. Let us welcome the new logo and the new 365 energy development journey.

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