4 goals of COP26 and Vietnam’s commitment to abandon coal power

4 goals of COP26 and Vietnam's commitment to abandon coal power

The “new normal” economy after the Covid-19 pandemic requires business owners to be wise and visionary to be able to build and develop their businesses mine. “Cost saving problem” is the top concern of businesses today, ESCO solar power solution – New investment direction for businesses will be a worthy option for investors. business interest, choice. Immediately follow the following article, Dien Xanh will share more details about this investment solution!

1. What is ESCO Solar Power Solution?

Businesses are wishing to install a solar power system to reduce production costs but are still afraid because there is no investment capital, the ESCO solution was born to help solve that problem.

ESCO (Energy Service Company) in the field of Solar Power is an investment model that Enterprises benefit by taking advantage of the system. Our existing factory roof for EPC General Contractors and Financial Partners will provide solutions, survey, consulting, design, installation and risk management of the system Rooftop solar power during use.

ESCO Solar Power Solutions
ESCO Solar Power Solutions

Roles and benefits of the parties involved in the investment in ESCO solar power solutions:

Enterprise: is a customer (owner) who does not need to invest in the solar power system, take advantage of the available idle roof system, buy electricity at a cheaper price than the price. retail market.

Financial partner: is the person who directly invests in the construction of a solar power system and sells electricity to business owners or factory owners.

EPC general contractor: is the unit directly responsible for the design, construction and installation of the rooftop solar power system, ensuring the operation and maintenance of the system in good operation. during the contract signing period.

2. Benefits of ESCO solar solutions for businesses

ESCO Solar Power Solution was born, bringing many benefits to all parties, especially Enterprise customers. Some of the main benefits that businesses can get are as follows:

2.1 Enterprises do not need to invest capital when choosing ESCO solar power solutions

– With the ESCO solar power solution, Enterprises doesn’t have to invest capital at all, just take advantage of the available idle factory roof, does not have to spend money and human resources to deploy and operate the system.

– In addition, Enterprise will own the entire system with guaranteed capacity up to 80 – 90%, can be used for the next 5-10 years since the end contract signing term.

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ESCO Solar Power Solution - No investment required

2.2 Get 15% off your electricity bill now without a bill

The problem of reducing production costs will be solved when the cost of electricity immediately decreases by 15% thanks to the use of clean electricity at a price lower than the retail price from the EVN power grid.

At the same time, when installing the Solar Power system on the roof of the workshop, with the ability to absorb light of the solar panels and avoid radiation rays shining on the roof, the temperature inside the workshop is reduced by 5-7 degrees Celsius. Industry will be saving more on electricity costs used to supply air conditioners, internal cooling fans.

On the other hand, for enterprises participating in the ESCO model will reduce their dependence on EVN, the ability to self-defense when increasing annual electricity prices (in 2021, electricity prices will increase by 7.71%), especially those month of peak electricity usage.

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