What is single-phase and three-phase electricity? How to install Solar Power correctly

Currently, the common electrical system of most countries is single-phase and 3-phase. However, many customers still wonder and do not understand the difference between these 2 types of electricity. In particular, which solar power systems should be installed according to which type of electricity is appropriate? 365 Energy shares with you through the following article, follow up now!

1. What is single-phase and three-phase electricity?

The current types of alternating current are composed of 2 main types of wires: hot wire (fire wire) and neutral wire (cool wire / cold wire).

Single phase current is current with 2 conductors, including 1 hot wire and 1 neutral wire.

3-phase current is a current with 4 conductors, including 3 hot wires and 1 neutral wire, commonly connected by 2 ways: star connection and triangle connection. 3-phase power line is similar to 3 single-phase power lines running in parallel, sharing 1 neutral wire.

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2. The difference between single-phase current and 3-phase current

Single-phase current 3-phase current
Number of conductors The structure consists of 2 wires: 1 hot wire is 1 cold wire The structure consists of 4 wires: 3 hot wires and 1 cold wire
Voltage Depending on the power system of each country, the voltage is different. In Vietnam, the voltage is 220V, some other countries such as:

  • Japan: 100V
  • US: 120V
  • Taiwan: 110V
3-phase current also depends on the power system of each country, this depends on history, infrastructure, economic conditions, technology ….and some other factors should have different voltages. Some countries:

  • Vietnam: 380V/3F
  • US: 220V/3F
  • Japan: 200V/3F
User object Single-phase electricity is used for household activities, the device capacity is small, and the equipment does not waste much electricity. 3-phase electricity is often used for transmission and industrial production using large-capacity electrical equipment to solve the problem of power loss.
  • Low system design costs.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Most effective use for devices with a capacity of less than 1000 Watt
  • 3-phase current is often applied to machinery and equipment with a load greater than 1000 Watt.
  • Greater conductivity efficiency
  • Capable of running electrical loads with large capacity.
  • Less waste when transmitting power over long distances.
  • Less electrical safety risks to humans
Shortages This alternating current has a small capacity so it cannot be used for long distance transmission. Only effective for residential electrical equipment. Has a more complex system structure, requiring more technical expertise to install.

3. The effects of 1-phase and 3-phase currents on the selection of a solar power system.

Current solar power systems can meet the demand for single-phase and 3-phase power systems. To better understand, we can review the principle of operation of the solar power system.

When solar panels absorb light then convert light energy into electricity (direct current). Then the inverter (inverter) is responsible for converting the DC current into alternating current (AC) to supply the loads used.

In order to use AC correctly, you need to choose the right type of inverter (single-phase inverter and 3-phase inverter).

Normally, households will use 1-phase inverters, manufacturers and businesses that need large amounts of electricity will choose 3-phase inverters for solar power systems. In addition, households can still choose a 3-phase inverter, but in order to use it for your 1-phase power system, it is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer to convert 3-phase current into 1-phase line.

Currently, 365 Energy is a solution provider, construction and installation of solar power systems, providing prestigious and quality inverter products. To be able to understand and choose the most suitable option when you need to install solar power, you can contact us for a free consultation and survey right away.

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