365 Energy is one of the leading renewable energy and energy efficiency EPC general contractor (Engineering Procurement and Construction) in Viet Nam.

We are a contractor capable of handling every step from surveying, designing, and supplying materials and equipment to the building, testing, and handing over to the owner.



We understand that capacity and experience are prerequisites for businesses to choose a brand that provides green energy solutions. Each large-scale energy project requires strict criteria in the selection of the EPC general contractor. Choosing a contractor with little experience increases the risk of the project not achieving optimal efficiency, as well as many other risks and damages to people and property. 

365 Energy is proud to be the EPC general contractor for energy projects in general and rooftop solar power projects in particular, with many years of experience in the industry. 365 Energy has extensive experience in designing and executing large-scale commercial and industrial projects. 

To ensure quality and credibility in every project, 365 Energy follows strict EPC general contractor procedures. The implemented projects all meet standards of design, construction, safety, and equipment such as TCVN, ISO, FM Global, EMC, ISO/IEC, EN, and other related standards.

Nhà máy BAT - Vinataba 2

The rooftop solar energy project at BAT Factory (British American Tobacco – Vinataba Joint Venture) completed by 365 Energy as the EPC general contractor with a total capacity of 1 MWP, using photovoltaic panels from JASolar & inverters from SMA (Germany). The system operation is helping the factory generate 1,398,397 kWh/year equivalent to 294.7 tons of CO2 reduced.


The process of implementing an energy project normally includes four main steps: survey, design, construction, installation, and operation.

1. Survey and Consulting

To make appropriate implementation decisions, conduct a site survey, measure parameters, and collect data. We will provide cooperation agreements with flexible policies (financial solutions, consulting green certificates) for your business to easily make choices.

Confirm the design plan, determine the installation scale, determine the construction methods, and select the appropriate equipment. Simulate the system through 3D drawings and use PVsyst software to analyze the expected output.

Carrying out the work according to the process, such as construction of the substation, installation of the support system, installation of the substation, installation of solar panels, installation of inverters and electrical cabinets, pulling wires DC and AC, connecting to the grid, commissioning, testing, and handing over the project to the investor.

After installation, the EPC Contractor will provide operation and maintenance services for the enterprise’s system through remote monitoring and periodic inspection of equipment at the site. Proper operation and maintenance will help the system operate stably and for a long time.

Vận hành và bảo trì điện mặt trời - Solar Operation Maintenance


365 Energy has a professional team, including highly qualified engineers and workers, specializing in the design and installation of solar power systems. That is confirmed through the presence of 365 Energy in over 150 large energy projects for C&I customers across the provinces.

We have the ability to advise and assist in the implementation of legal procedures when implementing solar power projects, helping businesses complete system records, including environmental impact assessment reports, construction permits, fire prevention, and fighting permits, connection permits from EVN and the Department of Industry and Trade, etc.

An toàn - safety
An toàn - safety
An toàn - safety


Safety and quality are paramount considerations for businesses when undertaking solar power installations. In ensuring our clients’ peace of mind, 365 Energy introduces a third-party provider offering essential insurance coverage throughout the solar project deployment process.

Fire insurance

Currently, many businesses are still afraid of installing rooftop solar power because of safety and quality issues. Rooftop solar power system insurance from reputable third-party insurance companies helps overcome all risks during installation and operation, helping customers feel secure when using it.

Rooftop solar energy systems generate electricity mainly through the radiation of the Sun. Therefore, the system’s power output may not be as expected due to objective environmental factors or system malfunctions. This is where insurance protects and pays for “Decreased System Electricity Output”. Insurance will open up opportunities for all investors who are interested and want to protect a stable source of revenue from their solar energy system.

Bảo hiểm hệ thống


Currently, renewable energy projects such as rooftop solar power, biomass power, and waste heat recovery are receiving a lot of attention from domestic and foreign investors.

In short, the renewable energy system must have regulatory permits to be implemented in reality. Investors must check and receive detailed instructions for specific cases to ensure that the project complies with the law.

To complete the project, 365 Energy helps customers meet the required license conditions as well as comply with the instructions of state agencies.

Business registration certificate

Accordingly, the established business must have business lines suitable for the implementation of solar power projects. In the event that the investor is a foreigner, he or she must be granted an Investment Registration Certificate for project implementation.

A fire safety certificate is a required license to operate a rooftop solar power project, according to the law. The Fire Prevention and Fighting Police is the agency that issues the certificate of fire prevention and fighting.

According to regulations, rooftop solar power is considered a construction project under the current Construction Law. Therefore, a rooftop solar PV project requires a building permit for installation. Depending on the status of the construction, the project owner must obtain a new construction permit or a repair permit and corresponding renovation.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 18 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2014, the subjects that must carry out the environmental impact assessment are

  • Projects under the authority to decide on investment policies of the State Association, Government, and Prime Minister;
  • Projects using land in nature reserves, national parks, historical-cultural relic sites, world heritage sites, biosphere reserves, and scenic spots that have been ranked;
  • The project has the potential to adversely affect the environment.
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Operation and maintenance services are the top factors that make many investors trust the 365 Energy option. We not only ensure quality with each rooftop solar power project but also prioritize occupational safety for our staff. All workers are equipped with protective gear and safety equipment and attend safety training before working.


Lifelines help workers safely and efficiently move to working areas on the roof. Workers working on roofs are always fitted with safety belts that can easily and efficiently move past each other when working.

Protection fence

In addition to the lifeline system, 365 Energy also uses other safety devices such as protective barriers, safety doors, … when constructing on the roof. Buffer zones are also established along the roof while construction work is underway.

Safety training program

All employees participate in training programs to improve their knowledge and understanding of workplace safety. Daily safety procedures ensure that employees are trained, given the tools and time to do their jobs safely.


In order to help the solar power system operate stably and generate maximum output, 365 Energy has used a solar panel system from Tier 1 Bloomberg leading brands in the world such as Q-cells, First Solar, JASolar, Canadian Solar, combined with grid-connected & hybrid inverters from Solaredge, Huawei, SMA, Sungrow. The selection of advanced technologies ensures project quality and limits risks during the operation and maintenance of solar power.

Rapid shutdown


Emergency shutdown device, help the system operate safely

DC Optimzer


Optimized performance and monitoring on each panel

Zero Export


Control the power output, avoid feeding to the grid



Renewable energy storage & distribution system


The total turnkey investment cost for a rooftop solar system ranges from 500,000 to 600,000 USD per MWP, of which two main items of materials are solar panels and inverters accounting for about 70% of expense. This cost depends on the selected equipment, AC/DC cable length, location and construction method, etc. These costs will be calculated accurately after the engineer conducted field survey, determine the exact BOQ and detailed design.



Hạng mục / Items

Chi phí (USD)

A Chi phí pháp / Legal cost $23,000
B Hệ thống điện mặt trời áp mái / Rooftop solar system $495,800
1 Tấm pin năng lượng mặt trời / PV panels $295,000
2 Hệ khung giá đỡ / Racking system $41,000
3 Hệ thống inverter / Inverters $44,000
4 Vật tư phụ / Accessories $86,000
5 Hệ thống giám sát / Monitoring system $5,300
6 Hệ thống tiếp địa / Grounding system $800
7 Hệ thống an toàn / Safety system $23,700
8 Hệ thống cấp nước / Water supply system $4,300
C Vận hành & bảo dưỡng – 2 năm / O&M – 2y $6,500
  Total excluding VAT/ Tổng chưa bao gồm VAT $529,600
  Tiết kiệm trung bình hàng năm / Average annual savings $90,000
  Thời gian hoàn vốn / Breakeven time 5.8 năm / years