582.95 kWp

Total capacity

1242.46 Tons/year

Reduced CO2 emissions

Dunlopillo Viet Nam C0., LTD

Dunlopillo Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and assembling spring mattresses and high-quality latex mattresses to supply the Asia Pacific market, established in 1997 in Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (Vsip 1). Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam.

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    Time: 01/05/2021 - 15/06/2021

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    Location: Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, 35 Huu Nghi boulevard, Thuan An town, Binh Duong province, Vietnam

  • The challenge of economic development with energy saving

    In 2021, the context of COVID-19 pandemic took place and directly affected the business activities of enterprises. Dunlopillo Vietnam, like many other companies, had to adapt to the “new normal” after the pandemic. Post-pandemic economic development goes hand in hand with energy saving. Therefore, the application of renewable energy solutions to meet electricity consumption and many other criteria is necessary. 

    365 Energy’s solar power solution has been trusted by Dunlopillo to solve the problem of cutting monthly electricity costs. Dunlopillo Vietnam had overcome the COVID-19 wave with its sales record, ensuring on-time delivery and without any errors in the production process. 

    Saving on electricity costs with Dunlopillo’s rooftop solar system installed by 365 Energy

    In November 2021, Green Power Investment Joint Stock Company successfully deployed a rooftop solar power system at Dunlopillo Vietnam Co., Ltd (Dunlopillo VN) through the ESCO Solar Power Model—zero cost of investment and operation. The ESCO model of solar power is an economically effective investment solution from renewable energy sources and is used by many businesses at an extremely low cost. 

    • Installed capacity: 851,107 kWh 
    • CO2 reduction: 1242.46 tons/year

    Every year, the solar system generates more than 851,107 kWh of electricity and reduces more than 1242.46 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Hence, it is not only generating electricity that helps enterprises maintain energy but also contributing to fighting global climate change. Presently, millions of customers from around the world are reassured and confidently trust in every bed made by Dunlopillo Vietnam.



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