1000.52 kWp

Total capacity

1461.46 Tons/year

Reduced CO2 emissions

British American Tobacco - Vinataba (JV)

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    Time: 12/2021 - 01/2022

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    Location: Dong Nai

  • Criteria for sustainable development are earnestly taken into account

    Businesses in Vietnam are now catching up with the world’s ESG trend. ESG Sustainable Development Criteria require businesses to be transparent about environmental, social, and governance activities. In addition to evaluating business performance, more and more institutional and individual investors take the business’s ESG sustainability criteria into consideration before making an investment decision.

    A sustainable economic model also needs to ensure that standards for social and environmental factors are met. Therefore, nowadays renewable energy system solutions receive significant attention. The solar power model is one of the cleanest and most efficient energy solutions for businesses today. BAT-Vinataba was well aware of this and had started to learn about the model of solar power that supplied electricity to the plant. 

    Project implementation at BAT-VINATABA factory

    The solar power project at the BAT-VINATABA factory was started on December 15, 2021, by 365 Energy as the general contractor for construction and installation and Vietnam Solar Power Utility Company (BECIS VN) as the investor.
    Installed capacity: 1001.52 KWP
    Savings: 368,900,870 VND
    Power output: 1,398,397 kWh/year
    The system design includes the calculation of the load to ensure the power output is enough for the needs of the plant. The conversion efficiency of the system is stable due to the use of 1872 JA 535W panels and 8 110kW SMA inverters to ensure high conversion capacity. Incorporating zero export technology which prevents excess power generation on the grid (on off days, holidays, …) and ensures not overloading the grid.
    The operation of the solar power system demonstrates the strong commitment of BAT to meet the ESG target of BAT in Vietnam. In addition to the commitment of business efficiency, BAT actively implements solutions to mitigate climate change and develop a sustainable economy.
    The successful implementation of the project helped the factory to reduce 1461.46 tons of CO2 emissions annually, contribute to environmental protection, and catch up with the current global trend of using clean energy – renewable energy.


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