As an company with experience in construction and management of hundreds of renewable energy projects across the country, 365 Energy leads a team of engineers specializing in consulting & design of solar power system in Vietnam. With our capacity, we can help customers deploy projects optimally, bringing the highest efficiency.



Design consultancy is one of the stages of the process of implementing a solar power project, including the following items: electrical engineering design, mechanical system design, fire protection system design, calculation infrastructure calculation, and calculating the volume of materials, to be able to go to the construction of drawings, by specialized departments. This is the work done by professional engineers to ensure the quality, safety, and aesthetics of the project when it comes into operation.

In order for a solar power system to be efficient, be high output, and be stable throughout the project life, technical design is one of the most critical factors that directly affect investment costs and project quality.

A competent and reputable solar power system design consultant helps customers ensure the system is optimally designed, has the highest operating capacity, ensures safety, and meets technical standards. solar power technology, state regulations, and customer needs for safety and aesthetics.

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Surveys and evaluations of the building structure are very important parts of rooftop solar power projects. It determines the feasibility of the project and has a great influence on the scale and cost of installing the system.

The actual survey of the project site helps the design unit to give the preliminary design of the site and the number of solar panels, the location of the electrical equipment, the connection plan and the length of the wires AC/DC expected output, estimated volume of materials and project costs as well as transportation and construction plans.

The solar panel system and auxiliary materials when installed on the roof have an average load of 12 to 15kg/m2. Therefore, all roof structures are carefully analyzed and evaluated to meet the safety requirements when adding loads from the system, especially for old factories and workshops, which require measures to reinforce the structure.

Load analysis is necessary to be able to design a system scale that is suitable for consumption, minimizing the waste of excess power or back-generating electricity into the grid.


Consulting and management, solar power system design, solar power technical standards, energy, dmt output calculation software Consulting Phan tich tieu thu 1
Consulting and management, solar power system design, solar power technical standards, energy, dmt output calculation software Consulting PVSys 1
Consulting and management, solar power system design, solar power technical standards, energy, dmt output calculation software Consulting Ket cau mai 1


Engineering design is the core step for project development, including battery system layout design, equipment selection, and expected output analysis.

The preliminary design phase is carried out using PVSyst software, the leading specialized software for the technical and economic design and evaluation of the solar power system. From there, 365 Energy will give a technical explanation, a report on calculating the power output from the system, and a financial model of the project.

Through the process of evaluating design options and installation scale based on the actual situation and needs of customers, 365 Energy will advise customers to choose design options as well as construction optimal methods for the project to suit the business.

Detailed design drawings are made by Autocad and Revit software, serving the construction process accurately, safely, and effectively.

For example, BAT – Vinataba factory in Dong Nai is designed with the option of using Cliplock clamps, clamping to the corrugated iron to support the aluminum rail to catch solar panels, with high durability, without drilling and screwing into the corrugated iron roof factory and the system can be easily dismantled when needed.

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Tư vấn và giám sát dự án điện mặt trời

Supervision consulting is an essential and indispensable component in project implementation. A quality assurance project or not does not need a professional supervision consulting department, having a lot of experience and high professional capacity.

The tasks of the solar project supervision consultant normally include the following tasks:

  • Project quality supervision: Ensure the project items are constructed according to the technical specifications compared with the design drawings
  • Monitoring the volume and cost of materials: Monitor and statistics the number of inputs, outputs, supply materials, and equipment according to the project schedule
  • Monitor progress: Ensure the project is carried out on schedule according to each phase, item and all projects
  • Safety supervision: Ensure that the project construction unit is fully equipped with equipment according to occupational safety standards and fully implements safety measures at the construction site.
  • Environmental hygiene monitoring: Monitor and ensure environmental sanitation issues.


National standard TCVN

  • National standardsTCVN 11855-1:2017 (IEC 62446-1:2016) About Photovoltaic Systems
  • National standard TCVN 12232 (IEC 61730) on Electrical safety of panels
  • National standard TCVN 6781 (IEC 61215) on Evaluation of the design quality of panels.
  • National standard TCVN 12231 (IEC 62109) on the safety of inverter inverters
  • National standard TCVN 7447-7-712:2015 (IEC 60364-7-712:2002) on photovoltaic power systems using solar energy
  • National standard TCVN 10896:2015 (IEC 61646:2008) on Earth thin film photovoltaic modules

Fire Protection Standards

  • National standards TCVN 9385 
  • National standards TCVN 3890
  • Document No. 3288/C07-P4 September 8, 2020, of the Fire Department – Ministry of Public Security Guidelines for the appraisal and approval of designs on fire protection for solar power plants and rooftop solar systems

NEC (National Electrical Code) and FM Global Standard

  • Using equipment certified as safe by independent testing agencies such as FM Global help reduce the risk of loss of life and property due to fire accidents.


PVsyst software used by 365 Energy is a design tool for comprehensive solar power systems used by many major companies around the world. PVSyst software is very useful in engineering design, system scalability, data analysis, risk mitigation, potential loss, and issues related to the rate of return of the solar power system. PVsyst software can help solar power design engineers:

  • The ability to estimate hourly, monthly, and yearly electricity production from solar system design.
  • Calculate system losses due to temperature, mismatch, and losses due to cables and inverters.
  • Access a continuously updated real-time meteorological database, thereby accurately determining system performance based on geo-location parameters.
  • Up-to-date database of equipment specifications such as solar panels and inverters.
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